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I've lived and worked globally. I have an extensive professional history in Landscape Architecture, Antiques & Fine Art dealing. In 2007, I completed a Postgraduate at Oxford, for Residential Landscape Architecture. Although, I have been designing landscapes in Chicago and New England for over 20 years. I've also been an antiques and fine art collector/dealer for many years. I have a degree in Art History from the prestigious School of The Art Institute of Chicago. My antiques business is centered around European and North American Furniture, Primitives, Vintage Technology and Fine Art. For information on my antiques collection, visit: www.hartonginternational.com or Tel.1.847.380.2699. Email: inquire@hartonginternational.com For more information about designing a landscape, please visit: http://www.watercolourgardens.com For a consultation call 1.847.380.2699

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