1930s Royal ‘Standard’ Model O Portable Typewriter, Fully Refurbished, Glossy Black


Offering a gorgeous refurbished 1930s Royal Model O portable typewriter with its original carrying case. The typewriter had been partially disassembled for refurbishment, adjustment, and cleaning. It has also been professionally polished and waxed. There are a few of tiny touchups, some tiny paint chips, minor waviness in the paint, small scratches and minor imperfections/dust particles in the old glossy paintwork. For being approximately 90 years old, the paintwork is excellent. All the glass keys are clear and clean. The nickel plated metal parts have been cleaned, with some minor patina to the alloy and galvanized metals. Due to the exceptional glossiness of the enamel paint, a clear reflection of the antique table surface can be seen on the painted surfaces. The typewriter has pica for a typeface, which is the larger 10 characters per inch. A new high quality black & red ribbon has been installed, and the platen is very smooth with very minor signs of use. All the letter slugs were individually cleaned for crisp type quality. There’s a new extra strong hemp draw-band attached to the mainspring. Several springs were also replaced. There are no reproduction rubber feet available for Royal portables of this era. All four rubber feet are hard, but grip a table surface nicely. One of the rubber feet has the inside edge missing, but it’s not visible, unless you turn the typewriter over. Just make sure to always lock the typewriter into its carrying case to keep the feet and other parts from getting damaged while in transit. Mechanically, the typewriter is in mint working condition. It types impeccably well, with crisp typeface. An extensive typing test was done to make sure everything moves and operates smoothly. The Royal ‘Standard’ Model O is one of the most reliable vintage typewriters from the era, and incredibly easy to use.

The portable Royal comes with its original carrying case, and a printed copy of the manual. There are signs of use and age to the carrying case, with corner & surface wear. A few edges of the rexine leather cloth had to be reattached with an adhesive, which is common for a 90+ year old typewriter case. The case has been fully cleaned. It also received a coating of a polymer polish on the inside and outside surfaces, which is semi-gloss, and dry to the touch. The lock works very well. Just press it firmly when you wish to close it.

This is one of the nicest Royal Model O ‘Standard’ portable typewriters you will find. A lot of hours went into the refurbishment, and it shows! Click for more details.

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