Stunning Vintage 1940s Western Electric Red Telephone, Rotary Dial, Refurbished, Fully Working


Offering a stunning vintage 1940s Western Electric 302 red desktop telephone. This is a model 302 Deco style desktop telephone from Western Electric, which started production in 1937. It was their first model with the ringer encased inside the telephone. Prior to the 302 model, all of their telephones had a separate wall mounted ringer box. The telephone has been meticulously refurbished, with gorgeous glossy red enamel. The ringer sounds fantastic. The original model F1 heavy bakelite receiver has excellent functionality and calls are crisp. All the cords are in new old stock condition, with a modern style modular line cord plug. The telephone is ready to plugin and use. This is an exceptionally well refurbished phone. Western Electric designed their phones for uncompromising reliability and durability. This is a very fine example of a model 302 telephone from the era. Ready for use right out of the box. Click here for more details.

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